The Wedding Dress Shopping Tips Every Bride Needs

The Wedding Dress Shopping Tips Every Bride Needs


Shopping for the perfect dress can be stressful! It’s a big decision, and how you approach the situation can have a big impact. Don’t worry, because we are here to help! We have put together a list of the crucial wedding dress shopping tips that every bride needs!


Crowd Control…

We know it’s tempting to want to bring your whole girl squad wedding dress shopping with you. To put it simply, don’t! Having too many opinions there on the day can end up being one of the most overwhelming parts of the experience. Our advice? Keep it to 2 or 3 people at a time. Remember, you don’t want everyone seeing the dress before the big day!


The wedding dress budget can be a tricky one! You want to find the dress of your dreams, but don’t want to break the bank! Have a budget in mind, and stick to it! Don’t get caught up looking at dresses that you won’t be able to afford because that can be heartbreaking! Be smart and always ask about sales and discounts where possible. Every bit counts!

Photoshop Fail…

It’s SO important to see a dress in person before you purchase it. If you happen to find your dream dress available online for $200, then it’s probably too good to be true. Be sure to visit a boutique to see the dress and try it on. Images you see online can be edited and may look different in person.

Stop, Look and Listen…

So you’ve been dreaming of your wedding day for years, and you’ve always imagined yourself in a big, beautiful ballgown. You try one on and hate it! So what do you do now?! When trying on a wedding dress, always listen to the suggestions of the staff and stylists helping you. They live and breathe wedding dresses and chances are, they will suggest something that will look amazing but you may have looked past!


Be Yourself…

Many brides decide to go on a diet during the build-up to their wedding. First thing’s first, there is no need to do this! You are perfect how you are and should only aim to feel happy and healthy on your big day. If you do decide you want to lose some weight, then that’s up to you. The one thing you shouldn’t do is order a smaller size dress because you plan to lose weight. The additional stress this will give you is unnecessary and you never know what will happen before the big day. Buy your size!

One Night Only…

While some brides want the most glamorous dress there is, other brides want to go with something simple. Don’t feel like you have to get a certain kind of dress for your big day. After all, this is one day and you may want to spend the money you save on a honeymoon instead. Whatever decision you make, make it one that you will be happy with long term, even after the celebration is over.

Stop Looking…

Don’t fall into this trap! Once you have picked your dress, stop looking! You may be surprised at how many brides have ended up buying a second dress because they kept looking and found another dress they also loved. You’ve picked a dress you love, it’s time to stop shopping!


Bridal trends come and go, so make sure you stick to your own fashion rules! Just because a ballgown is in style, doesn’t mean you have to wear one. Pick a dress that answers these three crucial questions; Are you comfortable? Do you love how it looks? Do you feel like yourself? If you can say yes to all of those, then it’s the one for you, regardless of what’s on-trend.

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